An island in the middle of the Baltic Sea, where local raw materials and ancestral wisdom meet.

Ideafarm has been operating in Saaremaa island for more than 10 years, producing among other traditional products also vegan-friendly and organic goods.

In Ideafarm’s assortment (more than 100 products) you can find medowsweet syrup, coffee made from acorns and dandelion root, drink base with rhubarb and apple vinegar, organic dewberry wine and many other rare healty and interesting products made in harmony with nature.

The products are made with great dedication and are free of preservatives and E-substances.

How did it all start?

 Maria’s knowledge as the owner of Ideafarm date back to her childhood, where her grandmother taught her how to use herbs. In countryside we always live in harmony with nature and first medical help was always found from nature, based on folk medicine!

First she started to make apple vinegar and syrups at home and soon opened a factory shop in Orissaare, Põripõllu village in Saaremaa (open workdays 9:00-16:00), where all the farm products can be found. 

Sustainable business.

Sustainable business is important to Maria: “Nature offers us different plants in different stages of the year. In this way, it is possible to engage in production all year round without exhausting yourself and nature. ” We allso reuse as much as we can.

Most of the plants are harvested together with family members and acquaintances on the farm’s 13 ha of land. The farm also has its own rose, big herb and appletree garden. Jam, jelly, vinegar and syrups are made from rose petals. Thus, most of the raw materials come from Kalda Farm and the help of nearby farms is also used.

Thanks to our production of apple vinegar and wine large nearby apple orchards have been preserved. Blossoming season at island is a wonderful experience!

The first winery in Saaremaa!

In Christmas 2019 the first winery in Saaremaa started under Ideafarm and the first Vegetable !!! berry and fruit wines were launched. Today, Ideafarm’s wine selection includes 24 wines, some of them crazy like Lilac, tomato and oak leaf wine, nettle, honey and berrys are also used. We also growing our own vines so soon grape wine will be also produced.

Wine, jams and syrups can be tasted on site in Factory shop in Orissaare.

In addition to tasting, we also talk about wines in folklore, medicine and their use in food.

Contact us for a wine tasting session via or by calling Maria +372 5258068 or just write us

We will be waiting for you in Saaremaa!

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