You can find us at Saaremaa, Estonia

Ideafarm factory shop

Wine degustations

Mon- Fri
09:00- 16:00


To visit us outside of working hours, please call Maria +372 5258068

The first winery in Saaremaa!

In Christmas 2019 the first winery in Saaremaa started under Ideafarm and the first Vegetable, berry and fruit wines were launched. Today, Ideafarm’s wine selection includes 24 wines, some of them crazy like Lilac, tomato and oak leaf wine, nettle, honey and berrys are also used. We also growing our own vines so soon grape wine will be also produced.

Wine, jams and syrups can be tasted on site in Põripõllu factory shop.

In addition to tasting, we also talk about wines in folklore, medicine and their use in food.

Contact us for a wine tasting session via or by calling Maria +372 5258068 or just write us

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