Muhu apple and rowanberry wine 500ml


Tastes to history!

We have made a new wine from the Muhu series, which is a continuation of the Muhu Pihlaka and Aroonia wine made in 2020
(link to the first wine:

Semi-sweet and has a particularly pure taste.

A little history of muhu wines.

The history of Muhu wine goes back to deep Soviet times.
Times when the one and only fruit and berry wines in Islands were produced in an agricultural collective farm “Ühendus” (1968) at Piiri.
Later on production went to Muhu collective farm cannery.
Times were different back then compared what they are today, among the difficult times, there was also lot of joy, brightness and delicious tastes.

Bottle of Muhu apple and chokeberry wine has been bottled using the same traditions and recipes, what was used back then.
Using a pure base raw materials farmed here at Saaremaa.
Bottom of bottle there’s bit of natural residue.
The taste of wine is extra genuine

Muhu apple and rowan wine contain sulphites

Alc 12%vol
Bottle: 500ml

Attention! It’s alcohol! Alcohol can be harmful to your health if consumed in moderation.

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