Rose petal jam 230 ml


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Ingredients: water, rose petals, jam sugar (sugar, pectin jelly, acidity regulator citric acid, 0.1% hydrogenated vegetable fat (sunflower oil), preservative potassium sorbate), lemon juice. Handicraft product from domestic rose petals. Total sugar content 25 g per 100 g Use: for spreading on toast, decorating and seasoning desserts. Rose jam is made from the petals of various rose varieties organically grown in Saaremaa. Legendary Bulgarian oil roses have been used to give a characteristic delicious perfume and dark English-scented roses to give depth and roundness. There are two products, because the taste preferences are different. There are people who enjoy rose petals in their food, but there are also people who say that the petals are creaking under their teeth, but they enjoy the smell and taste – then the jelly is for them. To add a little acidity we have added a lot of lemon juice. Confectioners affectionately call our rose jam a princess muffin jam.

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